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James Pierson - Freelance Animator Extraordinaire 

James Pierson - freelance animator.jpg

Based in London (UK), James is a freelance animator and published illustrator - specialising in all things animation, wth a passion for 2D character animation and motion graphics.

James graduated from UCA Farnham with a Bachelor Arts degree in Animation in 2010. After graduating James went on to work for Cumi animation studios for a year, after which he set forth out into the magical world of freelance animation.

Now freelancing for a little over 8 years, James has collaborated with some of the industry’s top animation and production studios/agencies. Allowing him to work with clients both big and small. This in turn has given James an opportunity to build a diverse and varied animation portfolio. James loves working with new clients and studios, as well as developing long working relationships with repeat collaborators. James sometimes talks in third person to appear important. 

If you would like to discuss a potential project or just say hi, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


"James is fast, reliable, and his work is always excellent. I look forward to working with him much more in the future."

Lance Myers
Animation director on A Scanner Darkly

"We were very happy with James' animation and would have no hesitation in recommending him as an animator.”

Daniel Greaves
Oscar winning director/animator 'Manipulation'

"James Pierson is professional in every way, he keeps deadlines and brings dedication to whatever he does to capture your vision whilst adding his own brilliant touch."

Mark Kessler
Creative Director
Cumi Ltd

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